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orthogold 280

The effective alternative to surgery for pseudarthrosis

orthogold280 was specifically designed for the use in sports medicine, orthopedic and traumatological centers and is qualified for low and high-energy treatments for a growing number of orthopedic shockwave indications.

Besides the treatment of orthopedic standard indications, orthogold280 is particularly suitable for the non-invasive therapy of pseudarthrosis.

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  • Pseudarthrosis (also in an infected stadium)
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome with or without calcification
  • Epicondylopathia humeri radialis and ulnaris
  • Hip necrosis
  • Heel spur / Plantar fasciitis
  • Achillodynia (painful inflammation of the Achilles’ tendon)
  • Jumper´s knee (patella tip syndrome)

Its treatment quality for bone treatment is manifested in its unique success rate of more than 81% with a singular treatment. The therapy itself is evidence based. Numerous scientific papers confirm the superiority of electro hydraulic based MTS patented Spark Wave therapy over surgery and other shock wave technologies.

Furthermore, bone treatment with orthogold280 significantly frees up OR time as well as personnel capacities for physicians and hospitals due to a shortened treatment session and drastically reduced requirements for OR-personnel. To patients concerned, treatment with orthogold280 offers a non-invasive treatment that leads to a shorter stay in hospital as well as a much faster recovery time compared to standard of care treatment.

At a glance

  • Non-invasive therapy of pseudarthrosis – healing rate more than 81% with single treatment
  • Efficient – good treatment results with a low pulse & little total treatment rate
  • Effective – clinically proven
  • High-quality electrohydraulic MTS technology

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